Mixed Media & Collage (acrylic, printing ink, oil stick, glue, various papers)

I started this series of works during my studio-residency at Olho de Boi in Almada/Lisbon and finished it after returning to Lisbon to live here.

These works were born from a strong urge to explore other techniques/media than those I usually use and to tap into the realm of more haptic processes and materials. The images may often appear painterly, the gestures and processes however were for me very much connected to and echoing the process of writing and editing – something I´m well used to with words but also with image material from the camera.

“Elements I” is very much influenced by the location of my studio close to the water, by the tide, the (night) sky and exploring my relationship to inner and outer landscapes, by the elements I encountered and especially the element of water and all the symbolism that comes with it.

The text-images were triggered by finding an old  Portuguese school book in my studio.

Connected to the actual works is a publication that contains work from this studio residency and a selection of my English poems, revolving around water, the feminine, creation, sensuality, memory and dream... (current status: first draft ready)