Oswald´s work is very interested in relationships, forms of communication as well as the human condition/existential issues and thresholds of emotions and behaviour. She is often, but not solely, working with photography and video with works based on performative or narrative concepts tied to personal experiences, myth(ology) and specific knowledge or stories she comes across through research.
She is also curious to switch between the position as performer and observer what results in performative works or elements as well as works with (semi)documentary character.

Besides her visual artwork Oswald has continually been cultivating a literary practice in different languages. Her poems often preserve fleeting moments and sensual observations or serve as a kind of condensed diary, sometimes narrative, sometimes more encrypted. Recently her writing practice is influencing or becoming part of her visual work in a more direct way, too.



I ́m utterly curious. I ́m utterly interested in the world, in people, in things – the obvious and the hidden. I never stopped asking questions. I ́m looking at things closely. I ́m intensely aware of things around me, the things I hear, I see, I smell, I feel. Sometimes I would like to grab people at their shoulders and shout at them: Look at this! Can´t you see that? Doesn ́t it do anything to you? 

This is, what my work is about, about focusing, concentrating, sharing and conveying moments that can change how we see and perceive things in this world that surrounds us. I think that my mission as an artist with a distinct sensibility is also to make people feel more aware – be it on a visual or emotional level, be it in regard to the beauty of a color, the complexity of feeling or with regard to certain concepts and ideas.

My work is inspired by and therefore about life. Humans. Their longings and imperfections. Identity. Transformation. Relationships. As in a society we ́re connected. Intimacy. What makes us vulnerable. Spaces. Social and other environments. As they shape us. Society. And what it means, how it affects the individual through codes of behaviour. Communication. If through gestures or phrases. Life in all its hues. Thresholds of emotions and behaviour. Thus I´m also inspired by mythological, ancient or popular stories and motifs that are vehicles for topics of deeply human interest.

It ́s crucial for me to switch between contrasting positions. To create stories and experiences I like to explore the side of the performer/actor and the one of the observer/composer. So part of my work is based on performative approaches, also featuring myself as body or voice. Another approach is to explore through perceiving rather than acting, to see, frame and compose things from the „backstage“ to provide them in whatever final form for the eyes of others. A more meditative concentration in contrast to the rather active artistic rituals and actions.

Though working a lot with lens based/time based media I believe in working with the medium that feels right for a certain idea and I don´t want to limit my means of expression. I believe in cultivating an open, multidisciplinary practice. 
Also writing, mostly poems, has also always been one of my earliest ways to express myself and „create pictures“. 

Currently I´m interested to experience new ways of working and to develop works in different materials, related to my core interests, as I want to allow my ideas to unfold even more and in a range of media – to extend the layers of sensual perception. In the course of this extended mode of working I´m eager to also integrate my writing(s) resp. my literary/poetic practice more in my visual works and to weave these two strands of creating content together.